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The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries has a strong presence in India, with IFoA members held in high esteem by businesses, governments and global multinationals. The IAI has grown as well with around 9,182 student members joining the society. IAI is a statutory body established under The Actuaries Act for regulation of profession of Actuaries in India. The Institute of Actuaries of India is the sole national apex body for actuaries in India. It was formed in September 1944 by the conversion of the Actuarial Society of India into a body corporate by virtue of the Actuaries Act, 2006.

Actuarial Science Course Fees may vary from college to college and from level to level. Some of the courses available in Online Actuarial Science Certificate Courses are listed below. Get in contact if you’re interested in knowing more about volunteering opportunities in the South-Asia Region. IFoA offers ample of opportunities to volunteer and make your contribution to the profession.

Evaluating risk and maintaining the economic and financial stability of insurance or a financial organization is the basis of Actuarial Science. Candidates who graduate from this field learn the use of mathematics, statistics and probability, the core subjects in actuarial science exams and come up with preventive measures related to financial issues for companies. In order to develop these skills and knowledge, candidates must pass actuarial science exams by reading through the right material and books. The field of actuarial science is slowly gaining popularity and recognition in India. A career in this field involves application of math, statistical knowledge, skill in risk assessment, and evaluation of financial products such as insurance and investments.

So, that would be merged are CT1 & CT5 and CT4 & CT6 and one should have cleared both before 2019 to gain an exemption. In a single attempt, you could give a minimum of 1 paper and a max of 3 papers from IAI. It is very simple – Choose whichever paper you want in whatever order and keep clearing them individually. As I mentioned earlier, people generally have membership from both institutes , so suiting your needs, you could attempt different papers from a different institute or the same paper twice . As it’s an upGrad course, you will get access to our Student Success Corner, where you get a dedicated success mentor who is the single point of contact for all non-academic queries.

Ability to specialize- The profession of Actuary offers various specializations for the candidates to explore both in terms of education and profession. Actuaries can find their specialization in life insurance, predictive analysis and retirement funds. It depends upon the candidates whether they want to specialize to just stick to one area of expertise. Some of the other specializations for actuaries include employee benefits, disability, corporate, pensions, product development, property, marketing etc.

Actuarial Science Eligibility Criteria (UG & PG)

Without getting practical experience, understanding the concepts of the papers is next to impossible. The Institute of Actuaries of India regulates the education & training of actuaries in India same way like ICAI for CA, India. You could select your city or nearby cities where exams are conducted by IAI or IFoA. IAI conducts its exams 2 times in a year somewhere in March and Sept while IFoA conducts it 2 times in a year somewhere in April and end of Sept, so the dates never clash. A lot of us must have heard of the word – Actuary, but do not know what it is and its role in society. This means that if you are a newbie, you can get a package of 6.6 lacs per annum.

Actuarial science as a career option: All you need to know – Hindustan Times

Actuarial science as a career option: All you need to know.

Posted: Tue, 15 Sep 2020 07:00:00 GMT [source]

They use conceptual mathematics, statistics, and even financial theory to analyze the risk of potential events, and suggest businesses or clients to develop policies that can lower the cost of that risk. Their mainstream work is essential to the insurance industry. At all universities, admission to master’s programmes is determined by entrance exams and individual interviews. You should be aware of the impact of these factors so you can determine what you can expect to earn from this field and plan your career accordingly.

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how many actuaries are there in india have to analyse the different risks their organization faces to help them make better decisions. They use their predictive analysis and financial modelling skills to predict the potential financial costs of different events. The IRDA Chief highlighted lack of awareness around actuarial roles and how new opportunities are opening up in the field. Actuaries play a big role in pricing the products in such a way that it provides protection to public at large and takes care of solvency of the insurance company.


At GetMyUni we are committed to getting you the latest updates on exam dates as and when they are announced by the authority. However, you can check on the Actuarial Exam Dates and make sure you check back regularly to remain updated on dates related to the Actuaries exam. The exam centres for the Indian Actuaries Entrance Exam are listed below. Make sure you read through the entire article to understand how you can apply and attend the exam in the centre near you. Ans.According to Glassdoor, the highest salary of an Actuary is around INR 44 LPA.

Actuarial Science Jobs

You can even work as a consultant and advice companies in multiple areas such as life insurance, taxation, employee benefits, risk management, investment, etc. You can also hold managerial roles in the domain of actuarial science. An MBA in Insurance or Actuarial Science will give you the expertise to manage insurance and risk projects and ensure their smooth functioning. The Institute of Actuaries of India has a mutual agreement with a few international actuarial bodies that allows students who have passed at least 3 subjects from these bodies, to skip the ACET exam altogether. These bodies include The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries , UK; Casualty Actuarial Society and The Institute of Actuaries of Australia. Students in India prefer to apply for the IFoA as the papers offered are relatively easy, although the minimum pass percentage and the cost for taking exams are much higher.

It is easily one of the most lucrative careers for data science and mathematics professionals. Since Actuarial Science is a professional course, you are required to clear different examinations/stages to pursue this field. These are written as well as practical exams conducted by the IAI. They analyze different types of data to calculate and manage risk. They, thus, help companies form efficient policies by protecting themselves from uncertain and undesirable future events. Actuaries are required in any field where risk is involved, including banking, insurance, healthcare, and even non-financial areas.

Ans.Yes, the scope of an Actuary is very vast and popular among the youngsters. After getting the degree from reputed institutes/universities, one can work with top companies. The actuary is a highly specialized field that requires a candidate to possess multiple skills from basic to technical skills.

Introduction : Actuarial Exam

Actuaries are multiple times better if they understand financials. So it is a great idea for Chartered Accountants to pursue this. Usually, the team is not that large in comparison to Tax/Audit teams, that’s why most people aren’t aware of job opportunities in Big 4’s for Actuaries. Actuaries from their knowledge and judgment are able to quantify most of the things that impact a product or business. To judge the probability of ‘Ruin’ of a company, analyzing the impact of a particular risk factor and how to deal with it. Maybe when you start as a student and have time to study, you could clear as many papers at most CT series.

They play a very important role in determining the company’s financial policies. The table below shows the average annual salary of an Actuary in different organizations for your reference. Competitive Salary -The average salary of an Actuary is INR 10.11 LPA. But there are several factors on which the salary is dependent such as academics, experience, skills, company profile, location etc.

Yes, certainly an Actuarial Science Course can offer a high-paying job. A candidate with 7+ years of experience can easily expect an average salary package of more than INR 15 LPA. Actuarial Science graduates can also expect the highest salary of INR 55 LPA and sometimes even above depending upon skill set, organization, and individual work ethics. If one is determined to become an actuary and wants to accelerate the process, an Actuarial Science degree will aid them in achieving that. One can study any Statistics, Finance, and Mathematics degree and still get jobs in the insurance sector.


CP3 subject aims to test your skills at effective communication to both technical and non-technical audiences. It is based on the concepts in the Core principle subjects and in CP1 – Actuarial Practice and questions are set within a financial framework. The examination will be conducted as a single written examination along with the regular exams twice in a year. There will be no pre-requisite of passing other papers in order to register for CP3. Actuaries mostly analyze and assess the financial costs of risk and uncertainty in an organization/ business.

Every job profile has a different role to play in the financial management of the company. The average salary of an Actuary based on their specialization is provided below for your reference. To become an Actuary you have to study commerce in Mathematics or Statistics or science in PCM. And then you have to pursue a bachelor degree in commerce or science in mathematics or statistics or actuarial science. After pursuing a bachelor degree in computer engineering, you can study this course.

What are the subjects in CT/CA/ST/SA?

Second, there are highly sought-after skills that offer above-average pay. Some skills fall into both of these categories however most of them are distinct. Earn 35% less than the industry average while early-career actuaries earn 18% less than the median. On the other hand, mid-career actuaries earn 38% more than the average while late-career actuaries make 192% more than the average.

We have listed the essential criteria for candidates who seek admission for a course in Actuarial Science courses in 2023. Once you have met the basic requirements, you can proceed to register for the examination. You can also refer to the question papers above to help prepare yourself in the best possible manner for the ACET 2023 Actuaries entrance exam. One of the best methods of studying for any entrance examination is to refer to previous year question papers. They give you an understanding of what you expect and how much syllabus to cover.

Saudi requires big data insurance actuaries: top official – Arab News

Saudi requires big data insurance actuaries: top official.

Posted: Wed, 28 Sep 2022 13:41:26 GMT [source]

They use a lot of statistical analysis because they have to examine large amounts of data related to trends and costing. In insurance companies, actuaries focus on maintaining a balance between the risk of issuing policies and the financial risk the company faces because of those policies. From large enterprises to financial companies, they all look for actuarial professionals who can help them make smarter decisions for their business problems. If you want a highly competitive career that offers you a lot of growth opportunities, you should pursue a career as an actuary. Subhendu Kumar Bal, President, Institute of Actuaries of India says the institute is taking initiatives to increase the number of actuaries and student members in coming years. For being a professional Actuary, candidates need to possess certain academic qualifications with specialization in mathematics, statistics or economics.

The average cost to opt for an Actuarial Science Certificate Course is around INR 3,500. A minimum of 50% marks should be obtained in the graduation degree examination or equivalent examination. The South Asia team commenced its operation in 2017 to support the more than 7000 members in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Srilanka, and Bangladesh. Please get in touch with us if you want to know more about the actuarial profession, or hire actuaries.

Broadstone agrees to acquire H&C Consulting Actuaries –

Broadstone agrees to acquire H&C Consulting Actuaries.

Posted: Thu, 16 Feb 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source]

These skills will not only help candidates to get higher pay but also excel in the profession. The average salary based on skills is provided below for your reference. Since Actuary is a highly specialized field, candidates are required to have advanced knowledge of mathematical, statistical and data science concepts.

There is a dearth of Actuary professionals in many countries, so many experienced professionals are able to relocate to other countries easily. All of the Institutes are regulated by the body International Actuarial Association – IAA is a worldwide association of local professional actuarial associations. While every aspirant knows how to become an actuary, not everyone knows how to bag the highest salary in this field.

It is one of the most renowned professions in the financial sector and is certainly a great career to pursue. You can work in multiple areas in both private and government sectors. Within the field of insurance, you can work in different areas, such as health insurance, vehicle insurance, life insurance, employee retirement and benefit plans, general insurance, etc. In the life and health insurance fields you will get to help companies in developing health and long-term insurance policies. Besides insurance companies, you can work in Pension and Benefits firms.

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