5 Tips to Strengthen Your Recovery After a Relapse

Content Try to reframe this relapse as a learning experience, not a failure. Relapse Is a Part of Recovery Connect with Extra Mile Recovery Have You Relapsed? Are You Feeling Unsteady in Your Sobriety? Ohio Addiction Recovery Center Identify the Cause of Your Relapse How To Detox After A Relapse Most Common Addiction Relapse Triggers […]

A Guide To Breaking the Cycle of Addiction

Content Need Treatment Financing? Second Stage of Addiction Be a Part of Alcohol Awareness Month Cycle of Addiction A relapse is defined as a downward spiral back into the compulsive behavior of addiction. NIDA, addiction involves brain regions that control judgment, decision-making, self-control, memory, and learning. In other words, it is more difficult for addicted […]

Prevention and Treatment of Hypertension Study PATHS: Effects of an Alcohol Treatment Program on Blood Pressure Hypertension JAMA Internal Medicine

Studies involving fewer participants or only one medical center would not have the same statistical power as one using a large, national data set such as NHANES. Participants reported their drinking behavior on several questionnaires administered by mail and in person. Their blood pressure eco sober house review was recorded by trained personnel during visits […]

What’s a Halfway House? A Transitional Living Option in Recovery

Halfway houses are generally less regimented and allow more freedom than an inpatient treatment program. You can work and/or attend school while living in a sober living home, but you’re still required to put effort into your recovery by attending 12-step meetings (or other recovery meetings). Halfway houses may be run by charitable organizations, private mental […]

7 Things That Happen After 30 Days Without Alcohol Surely Non-Alcoholic Wine

Over time, new cell growth will begin to repair this damage that will improve your memory and ability to make rational decisions. To limit alcohol’s impact on your waistline, choose something that is lower in calories. If your symptoms are more severe, you may need to stay in the hospital. This is so your doctor […]